Still not sure if you’re ready to sign up? See what other local businesses have to say about Blue Bargains

“The Blue Bargains mailing definitely helped attract new customers to my store and I am absolutely certain that it was one of the best marketing investments I ever made – it was worth every penny!”

Joel Landau / B.P. Health Foods

“I found Blue Bargains to be very effective at informing Jewish households about my upcoming sales. It really increases customer foot traffic and helps make the sale an absolute success!”

Pinchas Freund / Freund Fish Market

“I was looking for a way to reach out to the many Jewish consumers in Brooklyn without having to put ads in every single newspaper. Blue Bargains helped me reach thousands of homes in just one mailing!”

Ari L. / The Closeout Connection

“I was able to keep track of the customers who saw me through Blue Bargains by counting up the discount postcards they presented at checkout – I really got my money’s worth with this mailing!”

Ari Neustadt / I&R Shoe Town

“With Blue Bargains, I saw a 30% increase in sales and landed many new customers – talk about getting major results! I plan to incorporate the Blue Bargains mailing in all my future advertising campaigns!”

Pinny Glick / Livyusen Fish