The revo-blue-tionary way of getting your advertising message seen!

HOW much would you pay for an advertisement guaranteed to be viewed by thousands of Jewish families in your area? What would it be like to have the undivided attention of large households that spend tremendous amounts of money each month on their living and shopping needs?

THANKS to the opportunities offered by Blue Bargains, those valuable communication abilities are very realistic – and profitable too! Blue Bargains bypasses the traditional, old-fashioned print ad-brochure-and-poster advertising method by cleverly utilizing a medium that's accessible to every Jewish household in North America at the mailbox! With the professional Blue Bargains mailing packages, you’ll have the valuable opportunity of associating your company with some of the biggest brand-names in the Jewish marketplace. Seasonal mailings to multiple Jewish communities allow advertisers to target specific and localized markets or create different sales messages for various neighborhoods.

UNLIKE newspaper ads that may never get read or internet banners that are easily ignored, the Blue Bargains high-profile mailer finds its way into every Jewish home during peak shopping seasons, allowing companies, businesses and organizations to communicate directly with potential clients, one lucrative household at a time.